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and for all of us at abc news and "20/20," good night. volunteering... volunteering... volunteering builds a better community. ♪ the time is now . >> it's 11:00, do you know where your children are? >> now abc news at 1. >> tonight a murder at a mental hospital. we are live on the scene with late breaking updates. and an elderly couple found dead. both shot to death. what led to this? extreme makeover home edition you saw a man get the tools he is he needs. tonight we look at the impact kennedy creager had on the project. a murder at a mental hospital in jessup. update to the breaking news we
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first brought online. christian is live outside of the hospital center and what do we know so far? >> reporter: state police say both the suspect and the victim were roommates here at the state hospital which isn't far from the other correctional, facilities. it's where people are brought when they are found not criminally responsible for serious crimes, that's the version of the insanity plea. the suspect and victim had been previously found not criminally responsible for murder. the victim has been identified as identified -- police say he murdered his mother in their apartment back in december of 2008. the suspect has been identified as a 24-year-old of montgomery. he was here because of the murder of his doctor who was beaten to death. he is now charged with first and second degree murder.
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this happened around 2:30 this afternoon in a maximum security wing of the hospital. police say a nurse had checked the room that was object identified by the victim and suspect less than 30 minutes before this happened. >> the two were roommates here on the maximum security wing of the hospital. we have learned that a nurse checked on them in their room less than 30 minutes before this incident happened or was reported and saw both in the room and nothing appeared unusual and then less than 30 minutes later he came out and contacted security and they went in and found the victim ha had been assaulted. >> reporter: no motive has been established. the investigation is continuing. you may remember another murder at this facility was last year a woman named susan sax was murdered by a male patient. she was strangled. that happened in a medium security part of the hospital
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and that led to criticism. this case tonight was in a maximum security wing in a room where the suspect and victim were roommates. there are differences here but state less are investigating what happened and the suspect, will be charged with first and second degree murder and taken to the detention center. live in howard county. >> now to middle river where a family member walked in and found an elderly couple covered in blood. fire and homicide arrived and the couple was pronounced dead. we are live with continuing coverage of the breaking news we first brought to you at fiveful. >> reporter: i talked to a family member who gave me insight into a possible motive behind the parent murder suicide but the real answer may be left behind in a note that's part of the investigation. this summer they celebrated 40 years of marriage. 85-year-old john sigmam and 84-
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year-old margie leave behind many memories in their home where homicide worked through the evening. >> heard gun shots and we came out and looked around. we didn't se. >> reporter: moments later firefighters arrived following a 911 call from a relative, a police spokeswoman said they there was no need for a manhunt. >> the important thing we want people to understand is that we don't suspect foul play in this case. it's a murder suicide parently. >> reporter: a note was left but investigators are guarding the details. family friend said they had health problems. >> last year and suffered a stroke and wasn't recovering real well. >> reporter: they met after each had six children from previous marriages. through a phone conversation a daughter told me her stepmother had surgery after she fell and broke her leg. nobody expected this. >> i could tell -- they loved
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each other. you know -- never heard anything. they were fine. >> reporter: in fact a neighbor said he saw the woman out of her home most days. >> seen her every night. she would walk and ride around on the scooter and seener every night. >> reporter: the family would get together on sundays to play cards. now they are left with many questions, and hope the letter left behind provides them answers. >> feel so sorry for them. so sorry. >> reporter: and the couple also enjoyed the family farm behind their home where they raised chickens and cows over the years. police say there is no reason to suspect foul play. share cheryl connor. >> investigators are still trying to find what caused a crash in fells point that look the lives of two college students. the student died when his car
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hit a car carrying a freshman. he was very popular and was named mr. morgan a year ago. he was studying to be a nurse and wanted to work with children. >> we are just about six weeks, seven weeks in to the semester and she was just that into the beginning of her college years. >> you check social networks, hear student feedback, it's heart breaking. >> benson's suv was speeding, police are still investigating the case. the man convicted of killing a researchers will spend his life in prison. she was killed last august. the family and prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence. the judge said he would show the suspect the same mercy he showed his victim and sentenced
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him to life. attorneys gave opening statements in the trial of a man accused in a murder for hire plot. walter business bishop was hired by carla porter to kill her husband. update now to a story we first brought to you last night on the news at 11. a maryland teach era accused of choking scratching her students ha has been found not guilty. she was acquitted. several students said she would attack them when they were angry. the teacher claimed she touched them when she was breaking up fights but to redirect them if they were misbehaving. proposal that would merge the college park and the one in baltimore. officials say it would make maryland more competitive. those against it say it could hurt other schools. there was a hearing today in baltimore and there will be
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another next week. >> weather wise, passing cloud cover. we had clear skies, now they are filling back in. that's a good thing. just the light breeze out of the north and west. we are in the mid40s. tomorrow we will talk about how the race for the cure shapes up. >> tonight you saw a man determined to overcome life's problems and get the help he needed. brian was hurt in a gymnastics incident. the 24-year-old has been fighting ever since to try to recover and as kelly swoop says he is getting a big boost because of the center for spinal cord injuries.
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>> reporter: getting a new home is exciting enough but this one comes with the system that will let brian go around freely. something he hadn't been able to do in years. >> right now he can only access the first floor of his home and only the bedroom, a bathroom and living room. he can't go to his brother's room to play video games. >> reporter: he was hurt in a gymnastics accident. his spinal cord was damaged. >> he is what's call a -- all four limbs are affected. >> reporter: he spent several weeks a year traveling back and forth for extensive physical therapy. the crew of home edition wanted to give him the tools he needed to recover. >> they contacted us and asked if he had unlimited funds what
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would be the things we would get for him. we gave them a list and then one of the producers said what about a pool? i said well of course but i didn't think that was a realistic thing but they had said that is what we want to do for him. >> reporter: the pool is specifically design informed help people get exercise they need this an environment taking pressure off their body. >> he will tell you he says he feels free in the pool. he feels stuck in his chair on land but in the pool he feels free. it's definitely a great thing. >> reporter: all of the upgrades means he won't have to visit the crew at the therapy center quite as much and that's something they are okay with. >> he is worth it. if you get a chance to meet him he is amazing. he is the most hard working, kind of fun loving, kid. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> now the center works to find ways to use therapy to
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help patients. you can learn more about it by going to this story on the website. it'll be posted right after this show. on sunday we will race for a cure as part of breast cancer awareness. we have partnered up with komen to raise awareness. this sunday it's the race for the cure in hunt valley. we have a list on the website at abc look in the think pink section at the top of the screen if you are going to be in the area go through the list to make sue you don't get stuck in big traffic we told you stories at fighting breast cancer. tonight we focus on one organization that helps people battle the disease when every day takes get tough. we show you the message behind it. and today the world was supposed to end. well, there is still time. but hopefully not. coming up who predicted that today would be the end of the world. and new developments in the search for baby lisa.
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what dogs found while searching the family home. we will be back with this and more in just about a minute.
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. police say etagere acted to the scent of a dead person outside the home of lisa who disappeared. this comes from statements released today to support a search warrant for the couple's house. on wednesday they searched the home and took items. the parents insist they had nothing to do with the child's disappearance. >> its been about 45 minutes to go or so but it's probably safe to say the world won't end today or maybe not. you may remember the prediction that the world would end in may but when it didn't he claimed well he got the math wrong and it happens and said it would
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end today. it appears we will make it through the day, no word on when his next prediction could be. tonight it was a chance for breast cancer survivors to celebrate the organization, blink pink held a celebration. the governor attended and said nights like this help raise awareness. >> we are making progress but the sad stat is not with standing how great a state and the advances go -- we are 5th in the country for mortality. that's not acceptable. tonight is important to help raise money and awareness. >> the celebration is a yearly event. the race for the cure is sunday and will still time to register. we are proud to be broadcasting live from the events starting
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at seven on the air and online. if you want to register for the race or the walk or just to make a donation just head to the website. >> it's something many of us take for granted but if you are ill and have hiv or cancer getting food can be a challenge. tonight we introduce you to a service providing thousands of meals a week to those who depend on it. >> reporter: it's wednesday and she expects guests. it's a weekly delivery of food from a nonprofit providing needed provisions to the criminal cali ill. >> it's very important. >> reporter: she is a two time cancer survivor. >> one was four years and i found in march i had another
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cancer. >> reporter: since then she has had surgery and 33chemo treatments. >> it takes all your strength. >> reporter: there was concern she may not take care of herself especially when it came to eating right. that's where movable feet came in. based in east baltimore tom said the program is the only nonprofit with food service as it's mission for 20 years. >> we grew from a program that just serves a few people basically in the city, i think they started serving ten in baltimore city to now we serve 1200 a week. >> reporter: he said it's a referral program partnering hospitals and other nonprofits for patients living in pov erty. >> it keeps people alive. they don't know where their next meal will come from because they aren't close to a grocery store or don't have the resources, they may have lost their job because of their
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illness. >> reporter: they have three full time drivers 50 volunteers and they deliver close to 800,000 meals in a week. it's that mission that attracts the exive chef for more than 20 years of working in high end dining restaurants. >> reporter: they all have a goal. a purpose, a person attached to it. you deal with people who are ill, they are unable to dot simple things we take for granted. >> >> reporter: a difference you can see here. she continues fighting for her own health and happiness with hope for a better tomorrow. >> it's time for me to look at here and -- seek the heal that i need. >> reporter: in baltimore, charlie, abc 2news. >> if you want to help movable feast go to abc and
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click on the story for a link to the website. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> chilly night in spots. at least the wind's have relented. wind 80, humidity 80% -- it's just at seven. like i said, dying down. beautiful sky shot. get us yours at on our abc2 facebook page. let us show you more pictures, federal hill, cloudy, we had sun at times, but not really a sunset. german town. the beautiful color. beautiful fall weather. the radar showing all clear, that should hold up here next
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several days until at least maybe monday but probably until at least maybe wednesday before we see any significant rain. you see the winds relenting five 20 seven. across the area a few fair weather clouds out of the west. there is really very limited weather tonight. anywhere in the east great night for late night flyers, heading west, looking good. we have just a few showers north of us coming off the great lakes and new york state. northern new york state getting a few snow flurries tonight. but again that is well north of us. high pressure control now, sliding in over the next few days, how clear it is under this high pressure cell. that's the weather maker for the effect few days, it'll be a little breezy but things start to quiet down and into sunday looks calm. the future trend inactive.
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a few clouds tomorrow. no chance for rain. by tomorrow night we are crystal clear. good night it check out the stars, it'll be a clear flight and then into sunday another chilly -- around 50 which will affect all the thousands of people going to hunt valley. chilly start around 48 to 50, we warm um to near 62 under a clear sky and through the day on sunday. tropical satellite active, 60, better than a 50/50 shot. this storm could develop into a tropical storm. overnight down to 40, clear and chilly, north and west of the city going to be cold at daybreak around 48 to 49 degrees degrees, tom up 60. good sufficient. finding good weather on top. at least very fall like.
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this is not going to be a warm weekend. most of the time will be in the 50s to low 60's. it looks like it'll warm up, maybe upper 60s. the big chill has not arrived yet at least. these are the crisp fall days we all dream of and the days of july. >> 32 on friday. >> talking about late --. >> yeah. >> next weekend does look possibly a bit colder. >> we will see. thank you. >> coming up after the break, twins that have shared everything including giving birth to their babies on the same day. first a look at night line. >> roosevelt on night line two big developments in america's wars, a major announcement on iraq and new details of gadhafi's final struggles. and the madoff scheme from the inside. a family member speaks for the first time.
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or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know
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the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. . well if it was one indiana hospital probably thought they were seeing double. twin sisters had babies at the hospital at the same day. it wasn't planned but turned in to a incredible story. >> reporter: growing up they were used to sharing more than just a face. >> share everything, toys, clothes, everything. >> reporter: even an apartment for the past three years. >> i moved out when i was 18 and moved in. >> reporter: the 21-year-old's have had their differences.
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>> my right eye is bad, her left item. >> reporter: for the past nine months they have shared the most important experience of their life. being pregnant. >> just -- happened. >> reporter: jessica found out first. >> i was like a pregnant -- >> i found out a week later. >> reporter: that's not even the most incredible part. they went into labor and had their babies on the same day. meet jessica's son. and jennifer's daughter even though this shared so much having babies the same day wasn't part of the plan. >> really i wanted my baby to have her own birthday. i know hoe it is to share a birthday with somebody. not fun. >> reporter: nature had other ideas. jessica went to the hospital tuesday night to be induced. >> i was with her in the room. >> reporter: instead of that though, jennifer went it into labor. >> i was having contractions.
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>> reporter: 12 hours later her daughter was born. then. >> after she was born i started having contractions. >> reporter: and soon mason joined his cousin. >> i hope they grow up really close. >> reporter: there is a good chance that will happen. the twins plan to still live together with their babies. >> the twins and best friends wouldn't have it any other way. >> that was emily -- one last look at the forecast. >> we have a local tonight and of course sunday, little event happening sunday morning. we have been talking about here. just a little -- few -- >> yeah, 60 tomorrow, sun, cool start and a pretty similar day sunday. the race for the cure in hunt valley. it'll be closer to 48 or 50. we will warm up through the morning and had to the afternoon a. >> pair of gloves, have
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layers. >> sounds like a plan. we will be right back. verizon 4g lte.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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. that's all for us. the weather, chilly, ko men morning on sunday. >> nice ask dry. looks fun. see you out there. see you later.
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